Newsletter & Notices

Awaiting Spring

Attention: Woodcreek Property Owners and Residents

As of May 1, 2022 Woodcreek will be serviced by a new management company: Cedar Management Group (CMG).

The contact information for use by Woodcreek Property Owners is:
Phone #: 877-252-3327
Mailing address: Woodcreek Property Owners Association, Inc.
C/O Cedar Management Group, LLC
PO Box 26844
Charlotte, NC 28221

The Woodcreek Board of Directors can also still be contacted directly at


From Woodcreek Covenants, Section 10.02 Parking and Garages:

All vehicles will park only in their garages or in the driveway serving their lots or appropriate spaces or designated areas in which parking may or may not be allowed and then subject to reasonable rules and regulations as the Board may adopt.”

From Woodcreek Rules & Regulations: Passenger Vehicles & Garages, amended 11/20

“Parking is not allowed on the sidewalks per the City of Conway Police Department and Traffic Code. Parking on the grass in the yard is not allowed.”
“Where all available driveway and garage spaces are utilized by other vehicles, parking on the street of a passenger vehicle of a lot owner shall not be allowed if it is frequent, habitual or continuous and parking on the street of a passenger vehicle of a lot owner or the temporary guests of a lot owner shall only be allowed if it is temporary in nature (less than six (6) hours) and in a manner or location that is neither a nuisance to any other lot owners, unsafe or hazardous to traffic of persons within the Community,”

Please address all parking violations immediately. Continued parking violations can result in a minimum fine of $50 and can accumulate to $150 for each notice of non-compliance. Failure to comply can also result in a property owner’s liability for the cost of any legal action taken by the POA to remedy any violation.

The Architectural Standards Committee or the Board can advise you on what you need to do to enlarge your paved parking area to accommodate your passenger vehicles.

Thank you,
The Woodcreek Board of Directors